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Every candidate for the Libertarians takes a public pledge to never vote for an increase in taxes or a reduction in liberty if elected. We could never have imagined just how this would be tested over the last few years. Our sitting MP’s during the lockdowns, David Limbrick and Tim Quilty, showed what this promise really means by standing firm against the excessive restrictions that the Government imposed on Victorians. Whether it has been one of the many tax increases, ridiculous regulations, or yet another restriction on how we live our lives, we have led the opposition to encroachments on our liberty and defending our rights.

The Libertarians have been a party of principle since 2001. We have a proven history of success with elected representatives serving in the Commonwealth Parliament, Western Australian Parliament, and most recently the Victorian Parliament. Our principles have guided our policies, and we remain the only political party committed to classical liberalism and true freedom.

Read our state policies here.

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Your vote can help elect representatives that will govern for all Victorians. Our candidates want to get elected to get the government out of your way. If you believe that the best person to make choices about how you live your life is you, then vote 1 for the Libertarians.