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Ethelyn King

Your Life, Your Choice!

After growing up, attending school and getting her first job in Mulgrave, Ethelyn is unwavering in her commitment to address the cost of living issues that face the area.

Providing tax relief for small businesses, and reducing government interference in the energy market will reduce the price that residents pay at the grocery store and slash the cost of electricity, gas and water bills. This, she believes, will pave the way for more efficient operations, ensuring the benefits flow to each household in a reduced cost of living.

As a devoted mother to two young children, she recognizes the inherent right of parents to be at the forefront of their child's education. Her advocacy for an innovative voucher system is about empowerment; giving every parent the freedom to choose the best educational path for their child without the financial constraints of private fees.

Ethelyn along with the Libertarian Party respects the voice of Mulgrave's residents. After being called to the polls four times since the start of last year, Ethelyn firmly believes in a democracy where your participation is truly voluntary, ensuring that you won’t be fined for choosing not to be involved in politics.

It’s your life, and with Ethelyn, the Libertarian Party want to empower you to be able to make decisions that suit your values and we’ll shape a future that respects choice, encourages growth, and celebrates the diversity of Mulgrave.


We will lower your taxes so you can save more of your hard-earned income. If we need to tighten our belts in this economy, so does the government, and the savings should be passed on to you and your family.

The Libertarian Party will:

  • Review bloated state departments that continue to take more of our money without providing the service standards that Victoria deserves.
  • Continue to pay off state debt through fiscal management and ensuring money is being spent properly.
  • Scrap stamp duty on all land transfers which will put $50,000 back in the hands of homeowners. *
  • Simplify planning approvals to fast-track affordable homes to Victorians.
  • Payroll tax is a tax on jobs. Removing payroll tax leads to better job opportunities, higher wages, and a more affordable way of life.

* Based on median house price of $850,000.

Parents deserve to have a say in their child’s education. A revamped education system that funds students directly, giving parents the right to choose which school is best for their child, without the expensive price tag.

The Libertarian Party will:

  • Fund students not institutions through a voucher system; putting choice back into parents’ hands.
  • Give schools the choice to opt out of the National Curriculum.
  • Give parents the choice to have more say in local school management.
  • Support independent education models such as co-ops, home schooling and micro-schools.

Democracy is about choice. You should not be forced to vote in elections if you do not want to. We will make voting voluntary – the choice is yours.

The Libertarian Party will:

  • Make voting voluntary. Mulgrave has had four elections in the space of 18-months. With one of the highest rates of informal voting in the state (8.67%) it is unfair to fine or penalise the residents who are simply choosing not to vote. We will remove all fines and penalties and put the choice back into Victorian’s hands.


Authorised by A Ward, 117/757 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3000